BMW service anxiety? You’re not alone!

Do you drive a BMW? Chances are you want to keep your investment on the road and even if you don’t mind paying top dollar for your vehicle you want to keep your service charges manageable. To get BMW service at reasonable prices it’s a good idea to shop around and see what sort of

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February 25, 2015 10:38 am

Kitchen fires can be saved by duct cleaning

Kitchen Canopy Cleaning is Not Worth Ignoring! A Cautionary tale

I think I’ve figured out why my parents tried to keep me covered in bubble wrap as a kid. I’m a bit clumsy and seem to attract accidents and mishaps. I was the kid who usually slowed down a school field trip as everyone waited for the ambulance to arrive. Don’t even get me started

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January 28, 2015 10:55 pm

Why You Should Consider a Marine College

A marine college is intended on getting students interested in the maritime world trained for a variety of job situations and to widen their knowledge and understanding of the marine world. There are a host of different marine colleges available all over the world, in Australia for example companies like ECA Maritime College  offer commercial

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January 11, 2015 10:53 pm